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Visual Merchandiser

The activity of Visual merchandiser is not expressed solely in the preparation of shop windows and exhibition spaces inside, but in the conception, design and implementation of choreography and environments, valuing the above, highlighting the features according to the mood of those interpretative chose it.

Visual merchandiser for the higher level of quality, craftsmanship, style and taste of the product to be displayed, more significant is the need to convey to the audience or market segment to which it is intended the right emotion, so that the desire is transformed into satisfaction through the purchase of the same.

Who admires my window, my visual display, a my composition regularly receives a message of refined cleaning exhibition and interpretative rigor, combined with personalized creativity in the encoding of the rules of visual merchandising, a message of class and elegance of matching and combinations .

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Ivano Stefano Pegoraro - Via Cerva n. 30 20122 MILANO - Italy

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