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Look Maker

Look Maker. Image consultant of the individual, and after a test and a personalized and in-depth analysis, we proceed to evaluate the data collected in order to define the guidelines for the work of the so-called "facelift" and / or retraining of the external and thus, the image in the round.

The peculiarity of the consultancy lies in the great respect of the person to whom it is offered, in the sense that any "aesthetic choice" is studied, and thus the proposal, given due consideration and absolute social status and professional role, age, l 'character, the character and the environment lived, but, first and foremost, the sensitivity of the subject. Respect, then, and openness to others, not merely the imposition of rules and dictates of fashion, coldly declined from which tenets of a fashion guru.

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Ivano Stefano Pegoraro - Via Cerva n. 30 20122 MILANO - Italy

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